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The Over Population Hypothethisis Roger Lewis’s Critical Analysis of the “Sytems Paper”, Feedback An

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Wiki_Ballot@wiki_ballotCritique of the "Systems Paper", Feedback And Dis-Equilibrium In Human O... via @YouTube
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is a Trailer for the premiere of an Animated ( Cartoon, not heated) debate Between Steve B Kurtz, and Roger G Lewis. Steven and Roger have been arguing on the SEEDS Blog of Dr Tim Morgan for several months from the position of two Opposing world Views. The Catastrophist View Point and the Cornucopian Viewpoint. Both claim to be “Systems” Thinkers and Claim scientific rigour in their Analysis of “Reality” and “The Facts”.

This is a Trailer of the Two broad summaries of the Question based upon Stevens systems Paper written in 2000. The Animations and Text to voice conversion have been carried out By Roger Lewis.

The Notes of the sources and reading which I draw upon for my own presentation in Response to Stevens Paper are all contained in this Blog. A full academically cross-referenced and cited Blog Post of my Full presentation will be posted to this Blog after the Premiere this Friday.

feedback and disequilibrium in human

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